CHMS follows the Spokane Public Schools Calendar, and meets Monday through Friday for all students as follows: 

9am - 12pm: Montessori Work Cycle. During the morning, children work with the Montessori materials, receive one-on-one and small group lessons, play outside for a recess and participate in story and circle time with songs and show and tell.

12pm - 3pm: Extended Day Program. Children staying for extended day participate in lunch where they work together as a community to set up and clean up afterward, an additional afternoon recess, afternoon lessons including Kindergarten instruction and more in-depth lessons, and a closing end-of-day circle time with stories, a seasonal unit and songs.

8-9am and 3-4pm: Full Day Program. In addition to the work cycle and extended day, the full-day program includes educational games, additional outside play, art and occasional baking or other projects.